Fleshlite masturbator


The fleshlite masturbator offers a revolution in masturbation development. Men have been improvising self-pleasuring techniques since the dawn of time. It is only now that we can harness modern technology to perfect those intimate moments. From the comfort of his own room, a hand held male sex toy can simulate hot sex with a perfect fantasy partner.


Enjoy the feeling of absolute security. There is no risk to your sexual health – sexually transmitted diseases are completely avoidable. Because each encounter doesn’t involve condom slippage or exchange in bodily fluids, you have nothing to worry about. Prepare it as you would any sexual encounter. Warm it up, ensure it is well lubricated, and spread the opening gently with your fingers. Your penis will be ready for action just as the fleshlite is.


Slip inside, and enjoy the mental and physical freedom to explore whatever you like. It is a perfect opportunity to practice your technique. Take your time to build up your orgasm. You can explore your sexual rhythm without needing to please your partner. Find new angles and patterns, and slow it down. Or go crazy to see how hard you can go. Test your limits. You’re in control so do it every way you’ve ever wanted.


Your fantasies can be improved as you can choose the shape, colour, and size of your fleshlite. White, asian, black, whatever is your preference, you can be catered for. And if the vagina doesn’t hold any interest for you, opt for the anus or mouth instead.

The incredibly lifelike folds in the fleshlite will stimulate you like never before.


Your hand can only dream of the sensations that theĀ  “Real Feel Superskin” can offer your sensitive parts. Your imagination can do the rest as you work your physical magic into the lifelike sheath. Imagine its enjoyment. The warmth which enfolds your penis will flood you with incredible feelings.


The clever play on words means that the fleshlite is remarkably similar to a flashlight. Let us throw new light on your sex life! Until you uncap your new sex toy, no one will know what it is. But you will have more than a light bulb moment as you unfasten the lid. One pop and you’ll be ready to see the light. It is as easy to look after as if it were a torch. Always clean and check it after use, dry as carefully as you might your own skin and store somewhere handy. After all you might need it in an emergency!…

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